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End of Year Recommendations

par Ongaku Express
End of Year Recommendations

As the year wraps up, we are actually quite shocked with the many passings of music legends recently.  We have been pulling up some classics and re-listen and re-introduce to them.


1) X Japan

X Japan bassist Heath passed away after a battle with cancer. He brings a steady presence to the band that has faced so much challenges and heart breaks. 

If you want to relive the band's high energy performance, this listing features a box set the band's legendary performance at Tokyo Dome in 1993, that also comes with photobook.

X Japan (Yoshiki, hide, Sugizo) Returns Complete DVD Set – Ongaku Express Japan Entertainment (


2) Buck Tick

Another saddening sudden death was for Buck Tick's lead vocal Sakurai Atsushi. He collapsed while performing on stage and was later pronounced dead from brain stem hemorrhage.  Known as one of the pioneers of the visual rock genre, Buck Tick has been active in the Japan rock scene for over 30 years.

Buck Tick has many releases that are great collectibles, including their special 30th anniversary version of their most well known album Aku no Hana.

Buck Tick - Aku no hana 惡の華 Completeworks Box Set Visual Kei Album 2CD – Ongaku Express Japan Entertainment (


3)  Touring artists

On a more positive note, rock band Mass of the Fermenting Dregs recently completed their North America tour, bringing their new album on tour. 

We have several of the band's previous releases available:

MASS OF THE FERMENTING DREGS - Self Titled EP Jrock – Ongaku Express Japan Entertainment ( 

Also, Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony performer Uehara Hiromi also just completed her North America Tour recently as she just released a new album. We also have her previous releases available.

Akiko Yano X Hiromi (矢野顕子 X 上原ひろみ) Ramen Na Onnatachiラーメンな女たち Live In – Ongaku Express Japan Entertainment (


That's it for this year.  We wish you a wonderful and safe holiday.