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What items do Ongaku Express carry?

Our items include CD, DVD, Books, Magazines, Toys, Games, and Merchandise for Japan Anime, Movie, Music, and Games.

What are the Japan media genres that Ongaku Express specialize in?

We have several genres that we spend more focus on:

  • J-pop
  • J-rock
  • J-Metal
  • J-Punk
  • Visual Kei
  • Doujin music
  • Soundtracks for Anime, Movie, and Games
  • Out of Print Books and Magazines

I am looking for something not listed on the Ongaku Express direct store and Discogs outlet. Could I make a direct enquiry or request to search for them?

Certainly, if you are looking for something rare and unqiue, we may be able to support. Please contact us directly at

What are the destination countries that Ongaku Express can ship to?

We can send to many countries in the world by regular postal or express shipping. See the dropdown menu when you shop.

Regrettably, due to logistics issue created by the Russia-Ukraine conflict, some countries may only have courier / express shipping available.

Could I return an item if I do not like it?

Sorry, all sales are final, and we do not accept returns.

What payment methods does Ongaku Express accept?

The acceptable payment methods are:

  • Paypal
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • Applepay

We also can accept Iban but it could only be arrange manually. Please contact us if you would like to pay by Iban. Processing time may take 5 - 7 days.

Does Ongaku Express cover any VAT, Sales Tax, and Custom Duties?

Please note buyers are solely responsible for all tax, tariffs, duty, and related charges. We follow all procedures to meet our filing obligation. Ongaku Express shall not be liable to any such charge incurred.

What are the condition of items sold on Ongaku Express store? Is OBI included?

The majority of items available from the store are used or 2nd hand, however, the condition are typically well maintained.

Some items may be minted and unopened, while a number of highly rare items may have lower grade condition but are still in demand due to the extreme limited availability.

The availablity of OBI is not guranteed. If you want to check the status of OBI before purchasing, please contact us first.