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sukekiyo - Rakka suru getsumen -moumoku no jyuu 8" mini-CD 落下する月面

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Collection: [Music Artist] Dir en grey related, [Music Genre] Visual Kei

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sukekiyo Rakka suru getsumen -moumoku no jyuu CD single. Include the live track nine melted fiction from sukekiyo 2017 live: ‘rakka suru getsumen’ -moumoku no jyuu-…watashi no danmen kara gabagaba to, sorekoso ai da koi dano mukishitsu na watashi no danmen kara… at 2017.2.16 AKASAKA BLITZ. 

Item condition

USED, NOT Brand New

CD - Very Good
Insert - N/A
Case - Very Good
Extras / Gifts - N/A

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Kiryu - Rakka suru getsumen -moumoku no jyuu - CD

USED Condition

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Item details

sukekiyo 8"CD - Very rare collectible item.

Item condition:
CD - Very good
Insert - Very good
Case - Very good
OBI - Good 
Extras / Gifts - N/A
Origin - Import from Japan